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Hjärnstorm is an independent journal of art, literature, philosophy, and contemporary debate. We publish essays and articles on current trends in the present, art submissions by international and Swedish artists and contemporary literature from the country’s best writers and present new translations. Hjärnstorm’s exhibitions are planned and curated by the editorial curatorgroup under the name of Galleri Hjärnstorm. From 2003 to 2006 Galleri Hjärnstorm was a physical gallery space on Valhallavägen 138th.

Hjärnstorm is a collaborative effort of established artists and scientists mixed with those of debutant poets and young academics.

The editorial staff:
FREDRIK BJERNELIND artist · TERESE BOLANDER artist · ANNA DUBRA culture writer and web · BENGT JAHNSSON-WENNBERG artist and author · STAFFAN KLING culture writer · BJÖRN LARSSON author and critic · IRINA LAZARESCU artist and writer · JOHAN MODÉE holds a Ph.D. in theological philosophy, and teaches human rights and international relations at Malmö college · BO PETTERSSON artist · ANNA QVIST author · MARIA SEWERIN artist · THOMAS SJÖSVÄRD graduate of Literary history · SOFIA ÅKESDOTTER writer · MACARENA OLMOS DUSANT art historian and culture writer

Legally responsible for the publication of the periodical:

Issue price: 100-120 SEK

Kulturtidskriften Hjärnstorm, Box 342 37, 100 26 Stockholm, Sweden

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In addition to the magazine, Hjärnstorm is also a publishing house that has published art books by artists and authors like Christer Temptander, Anna Qvist & Bengt Jahnsson-Wennberg, Ola Wickander & Eva Maria Ern, and Per Gustavsson.

The Hjärnstorm Gallery, existed between 2003 and 2006, and showed work by artists like Björn Melin, Lars Hillersberg, Nygård’s Karin Bengtsson, Amalia Årfelt, Carl Johan de Geer, Johanna Schartau and Bengt Jahnsson-Wennberg.