Intervju med Egor Rogalev

av: Aleksei Borisionoköversättning: Katerina Zolotova 2020-03-09 Aleksei Borisionok (AB) har intervjuat konstnären Egor Rogalev (ER) om postsovjetisk estetik, det forna östblockets representationspolitik ur ett västligt perspektiv liksom möjligheterna till dekolonisering utifrån det samtida Rysslands

Lost Machine

Anastasia Vepreva 20-05-28 Russia doesn’t wage any war against any country. But for some reason the whole world considers it to be an obvious aggressor. They say Russian military equipment is regularly lost in

Wall fetishism?

Av: Christina Parte 2019-02-11 The fact that Eija-Riitta Eklöf (1954-2015) passed away a few years ago would have gone unnoticed had she not been in love with the Berlin Wall. In Lars Laumann’s filmic


Av: Konstanze Schmitt 2017-02-08 Notes for a Performative Research on the Workers’ Theatre Workers’ theatre emerged in the 19th century in amateur theatre groups and workers’ clubs. It went on to be ideologized, formalized

For Women Who Are Difficult to Love

Av: Warsan Shire 2018-04-13 you are a horse running alone and he tries to tame you compares you to an impossible highway to a burning house says you are blinding him that he could

Maidan Square

By: Oleksiy Radynski ‬‬ On December 8, 2013, an angry crowd of Maidan protesters toppled a Lenin monument in central Kyiv. This act was absurdly greeted by liberals in Ukraine and abroad as a final


By: Olav Westphalen Here’s the scenario: I am on my way to some release party with DJ-battle at Taverna Brillo. It’s the night before the Swedish national elections and I get into a heated